What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a simulation of a real (or fictitious) location. Basically, it is a composition of static photographs that cover the entire surrounding space, that is 360 x 180 degrees. While watching a virtual tour, users can easily change the direction of view in the same way as if they stood looking around in a given position. A virtual tour can contain multimedia elements such as video, sounds, pictures, etc., which intensify the users’ experience and feeling that they actually find themselves in a given place.

Are there additional costs?

There are no additional costs, apart from if there is a need to travel over 50km.

I see the term “HDR” mentioned repeatedly when you describe the quality of your photos. What is this?

HDR refers to “High Dynamic Range.” We utilise a photographic process whereby we combine multiple exposures (bracketing) of the image and then digitally stitch the images together to provide a final photo or 360° panorama that more accurately reflects the amazing tonal and color range of the human eye.
This means that if there’s a view to see out a window… we can show it. This also ensures that, for example, the light fixtures in a room are not “blown out” of view.

What does an ordinary Internet user need to watch a virtual tour?

To display a virtual tour, you need the Adobe Flash Player that is already installed in 98% of all computers. That means that a common Internet user does not need anything special.

Will a virtual tour run on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android mobiles?

Yes, our virtual tours are 100% compatible across all the mobile platforms including iPhones and iPads. What’s more, we customise virtual tours for different screen sizes to be sure they run smoothly on any device.

How long does it take to make photographs for a virtual tour in a place?

The photographing itself is a relatively fast process. Making photographs for a virtual tour takes 5 to 20 minutes depending on the complexity of a scene.

Does a virtual tour pay off?

The experience of our clients’ indicates a considerable increase in sales after launching their virtual tours. Along with an excellent ROI, a virtual tour is not only rewarding but is also likely to become your best marketing investment ever.

How long does it take to create a virtual tour?

The time needed for creating a virtual tour differs depending on the complexity and size of a project. In general, it ranges from 1-7 days.

Do I need hosting for a virtual tour?

You can host your virtual tour with your own ISP or within the bounds service, we offer unlimited hosting for our virtual tours.

Can I have an offline version of my virtual tour on DVD/CD/USB Stick?

Yes, you can. You can present your virtual tour offline by playing a DVD, CD or from a USB Stick.

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