About Us


We have over 20 years experience at the forefront of interactive media. Utilising our very latest custom VR equipment and software, we showcase your brand, facility, location or product in the most powerful and effective way to ensure you reach potential customers and viewers.

PANOTOUR provides virtual tours for a wide range of companies from small boutique stores, bed & breakfasts, multi-national mining companies, museums and government tourist bodies.

A virtual tour can be a single 360 panorama or a number of panoramas that are linked in an intuitive way. We can also add features such as hotspots, interactive videos and more.


The way we work

All Panotour work is shot individually by hand. While crowd sourcing & shooting from cars has it’s place, it can’t provide the quality we require. Combining Professional Pano Photographers with our streamlined workflow, Panotour produces the best of quality & quantity in destination content.

Our virtual tours provide you with the perfect way to increase your locations exposure & captivate your audience. There is no better way to market a location than with 360° virtual tours. They’re a proven marketing method that have the unique ability of putting people ‘within’ the space you want to promote. With a passion to create great panoramic photography, we work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver the best solution for each and every commission. From a single 360° panorama through to a virtual tour complete with user interface, we pride ourselves on gaining a greater understanding of your business so that we can produce an interactive 360 virtual tour that will work for you. Whatever your project, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your requirements or arrange a no obligation meeting.



    Our tours are compatible on desktops, Apple devices, Android, Windows Mobile and the latest Blackberrys.


    Show the layout of a property and allow the user to quickly navigate through a virtual tour by clicking on hot spots on the floor plan. Radar hot spots show the current scene being viewed as the tour pans around.


    Static and Radar hot spots can be added to a virtual tour scene, Interactive Floor Plan, Area Map, or a Google map. Walk-through hot spots can be added to a scene to create the effect of ‘virtually’ walking through a space.


    You can combine both 360º panoramic virtual tour images and digital still photos into the same tour. Perfect for including close up photos or product shots along with a tour. You can even incorporate photo slideshows into a tour.

  • SPHERICAL 360º X 180º IMAGES

    The fully spherical panoramic virtual tour image captures every part of a scene and allows the user to view from floor to ceiling, earth to sky.


    Add ambiance and mood to a tour by adding a musical soundtrack. Put the user in the buying mood! Or add a professional voice over to provide a running commentary and additional information to a tour.


    Video files can be incorporated into any virtual tour to add rich multimedia content. Video files can be built into a scene with correct perspective allowing you for example to place a video playing on a flat screen tv hanging on a wall in the scene.


    Included in every tour, a user can enter full screen mode and fully immerse themselves in the scene. Its like you are actually standing there looking around!


    Whether you want just stills, panoramas, video, or a combination of all three, our tours thoughtfully showcase your work in stunning HD. Your clients will be blown away by the elegant designs, color schemes, and fonts as they view the tours on desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry.